Make Your Own Cloud

Fog Machine let's you host your own server right from home. It's easy to install and can get you published online in under a minute

Fog Machine App

Fog Machine is Free app that works on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Fog Machine automates the installation and configuration of several popular servers. The goal of this project is to make server software as easy to use as game software.

Fog Machine was originally written to be a UI wrapper for Minecraft Server. Support for additional servers was added as development went on. Contact me if you have suggestions for servers to add.

RPN Service

The Fog Machine app automates server installation, and the RPN service automates the difficult parts of publishing your server online. Using RPN is as simple as signing up for an account.

RPN is currently in an invite only testing period. Read more about it here

Supports These Servers

Fog Machine supports both the Java edition and Bedrock edition of Minecraft Server

Hosting your own Minecraft Server has never been so easy!

Bitwarden is a Password Management server. It maintains an encrypted database where you can store all your passwords and private notes.

Bitwarden has mobile and desktop apps so you can access your data on all your devices.

File Server

A basic file server. Can be used for sharing files or for hosting your own website.

Comes with several examples to help you get started.